Think it's Impossible to Lose Weight (and keep it off) After 50?

Think again!
You're older and wiser,
now it's time to get healthier!

As we age our metabolisms and nutritional needs change, so we need an updated approach.

But that doesn't mean we have to starve ourselves and "white knuckle it" through our days with a diet that makes us feel deprived or hangry.

If you are:

  • tired of spinning your wheels on the weight loss roller coaster
  • ​overwhelmed by different diets and conflicting advice so you flip back and forth between everything or nothing
  • ​finding that changes you make work for a period of time, but you inevitably fall back on old habits
  • ​wishing you could feel like yourself again with more energy and motivation and less bloat and joint pain
  • ​stuck in old eating habits with no light at the end of the tunnel

It's time for a different approach.

Oh and by the way...

Yes, it is possible to change your habits and relationship with food at this stage of your life.

"I feel like I have changed my life"

 ~Vanita Konzelmann

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Welcome to The Simply Nourished Solution 
We created this holistic program to simplify healthy eating so that it is sustainable long after menopause. 

Simply Nourished is a 90 day intensive and fully-supported weight loss program to help you form new habits that stick so you can eat healthy and feel good for the rest of your life.

Just imagine the progress and real changes you can make when you have ongoing accountability and support from professionals! We help you filter out all the conflicting information out there and take an "under the hood" approach to get to the source of why you haven't been able to stay on track with your goals. 

Here's what participants are saying:

🗩 "Every week I am feeling more and more confident!"

🗩 "I don't have to be 100% and it's ok"

🗩 "I'm finally learning to trust myself"

🗩 "It just feels like a way of life"

In this 12 week program, you will get unparalleled support:

  • Weekly Group Calls: For questions, problem solving, inspiration and guidance 
  • Private Community: For an additional layer of support, and a chance to connect with other women who are also committed to losing weight and getting healthy
  • Weekly Office Hours: For when you need to chat with us privately
  • Weekly Accountability Email Check Ins: For keeping you on track and moving toward your goals

Here's just a snapshot of what we will cover:

  • Nourish your cells with the right foods. Discover which foods will enhance your metabolism, energy, and stamina. Benefits include weight loss, less joint pain/bloating plus reduced risk of other age related concerns. All this without feeling super restrictive.
  • Get your kitchen stocked and organized. With the right foods on hand, you'll create an environment that supports you with plenty of healthy options to choose from. Willpower can only take you so far, but the right environment will always beat willpower.
  • Conquer emotional eating and cravings. Get in the drivers seat with your emotions and cravings so they no longer control you or sabotage your health and weight goals. 
  • Develop time saving strategies.  We get it, this is one issue we hear about so often. That's why we have dedicated a lot of this program on how to save time, using healthy shortcuts, quick easy meals and much more - so lack of time is no longer a hindrance to your health.
  • Rewire your thinking and change your relationship with food, for good! You may have a love/hate relationship with food or feel out of control when it comes to eating. It's vital to change this in order to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Deepen your self care with other lifestyle habits. Lifestyle factors including sleep, stress, exercise and toxins have a deep impact on not only your weight, but your mood, energy, and health long term (more than you realize). We guide you in changing these habits to make sure you always feel your best.

PLUS! Get these bonuses:

7 Day Food Based Cleanse this gentle cleanse is an amazing way to get your cells ready to release weight and is a great (optional) jumpstart to your 12 week journey
Shopping Guide that you can use over and over again to save you time when heading out to the grocery store

Don't just take our word for it...

“This program more than delivered!"

Not only did I get lots of new, easy recipes to try (some of which have become regulars in my meal planning), but I got tons of tips and tricks, and helped with digging into the psychology of why I sometimes make unhealthy choices. The program is practical and easy to start implementing right away.
                                         ~ Betsy McLeod

“It’s more of a way of life that you can customize to what can work long term for you."

With the support of Jane and Stephanie, as well as the members of the group, I feel like I have changed my life. The program is really about changing the way you eat and nourish yourself. It truly feels like a holistic approach to reframing how you think of your body and the four that nourishes it. It’s not a diet or eating plan per se (though those exist). It’s more of a way of life that you can customize to what can work long term for you. Thank you!
                                          ~Vanita Konzelmann

“The changes I chose to make were simple to do and I saw results right away...

Once again, another stellar program from Stephanie & Jane! They get to the root cause of why we keep falling back on old habits and provide the tools & strategies to create & sustain new healthy eating habits for a lifetime.Their expectations for success are realistic and attainable as long as we are willing to make the effort. They understand there will be struggles along the way and encourage us to tackle one thing at a time. It's OK to take " baby steps" and they applaud the effort no matter how big or small. I highly recommend this program!
                                     ~Judi Schenian

“different from all the other weight loss programs..."

The support is amazing and the materials are different from all the other weight loss programs. It makes sense and is a holistic approach to eating. Jane and Stephanie are an amazing support to have in your life!
                                           ~Beth Butler

“I feel like this is the best money I ever spent on myself . . . gotten more than my money’s worth"

It’s a great program to learn about healthier alternatives and ways to incorporate them into your own lifestyle at your own pace. And there are great tips on mindful eating and how to better tune into the signals your body sends so you can make more informed eating choices. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that I can use to continue making improvements going forward. Thanks Jane and Stephanie!!
                                          ~Kaye Polk

“I made more progress in the areas of stress eating and portion control than ever before

I can't say enough in praise of the Nourishing Gurus and the Simply Nourished Program! I made more progress in the areas of stress eating and portion control than ever before, and have great tools to continue progressing and becoming healthier and thinner. Jane and Stephanie are knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, kind, professional, organized, great communicators and motivating cheerleaders!

                                          ~Kris Allison

“I have lost weight without portion controlling or calorie counting

I hate cooking but love the recipes from Jane and Stephanie!!! Makes all this sooo much easier I really cant express how much easier for me. Jane and Stephanie hold the right secret to success for health and weight loss – this is how is should be done – it really is easy and it does work!! Thank you for a new life!
                                  ~Cathy Gorman

 Tired of yo-yo dieting and trends that don't stick? In just 90 days, you will change the way you approach food so you never have to 'diet' again!

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